African American’s make going to Kama/Africa number 1 on your bucket list in the not so distant future.  It’s important to you and  to Kama/Africa.

I’m going Back To Kama

Kama is one of the names of the continent of Africa used by the indigenous people; before the colonization from Europe. When I first heard of the non-profit organization ” Back To Kama “. I became intrigued with it’s dream, to have people of African/Kama descent; to voluntarily choose to return Back To Kama. A mass migration “If you will”. This year will be a first step; of realizing a personal dream of my own, in going to Kama.                                                                                                               I don’t know of any person in my family that has made the trip to Kama. Which makes this trip extra special; so that I can share my experiences with both family and friends alike. There’s much for me to prepare for and I hope that you enjoy my blog.